An AI powered bot designed to increase the productivity of sales teams and other professionals.

Reads and understands your inbox

Anna scans your email interactions, content, and labels to automatically determine which conversations you should follow up with everyday.

Finds out ideal times to follow up

It figures out which email threads you need to follow up with, and sends you daily reminders to ensure you contact the right person at the right time.

Make Sure You Never Miss a Follow-Up Again

Anna is for everybody. The AI system looks at who is important in your network, and scans the content of emails. It uses this data to predict which conversations need your immediate attention.

Anna is more fine-tuned for sales where there are a lot of conversations going on at the same time. Figuring out important emails automatically can be very helpful. Anna helps you optimize your follow up process and notifies you via email.

Be more efficient with your follow ups, get Anna.